Dr. Alfredo Weitzenfeld is a Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida. Dr. Weitzenfeld is the director of the BioRobotics Laboratory and the USF RoboBulls RoboCup team.

Dr. Weitzenfeld is one of the main developers of the Neural Simulation Language (NSL) and the Abstract Schema Language (ASL), described both in The Neural Simulation Language NSL: A System for Brain Modeling (coauthors M. Arbib and A. Alexander) published in 2002 by MIT Press.

Dr. Weitzenfeld is a charter member of the Latin American Robotics Council and the founder of the Latin American Robotics Symposium (LARS). He was the co-chair of RoboCup 2012 in Mexico City and the General Chair of the International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR 2013) in Montevideo, Uruguay. Dr. Weitzenfeld was an IEEE-RAS Distinguished Lecturer. He is an ACM member, an IEEE Senior Member. His main research areas are biorobotics, multi-robot systems and robot cognition.

We have immediate fully funded PhD research opportunities in the BioRobotics Lab at USF in the area of Spatial Cognition in NeuroRobotics:

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